That giant animatronic bear just blew out the olympic flame my GOD



Sarajevo 1984 Olympics Abandoned Luge and Bobsled Track

Yuzuru Hanyu in 2006 (age 11) and in 2014 (winning the Olympic gold medal at the Games after Vancouver) x

Yesssss Davis and White yesssssss

OMG this ice dancing pair are portraying the little prince and the rose STOP IM IN LOVE


I keep getting so excited they keep mentioning Ann Arbor on the Olympic coverage. I’m lame.

My brother used to serve all the ice dancers coffee all the time at the cafe next to the rink. Just a fun fact.

The way that reporter questioned Bode Miller about his late brother until he broke down was disgusting



Peru has never competed in the winter Olympics before.

So when Roberto Carcelen — their first ever winter Olympian, now competing in Sochi — broke a rib in training, he wasn’t about to let that little detail stop him from competing in the arduous 15km cross-country ski race.

Carcelen was badly out-gunned in the intense competition.

Knowing he was dead last, he finished the race with his country’s flag over his head, crossing the finish line with pride. But that’s when he saw the gold medallist, Cologna from Switzerland and Nepal’s Dachhiri Sherpa, waiting for him.

To show his appreciation for the competitor, a first-time winter Olympian from his country, for the drive to compete despite injury, Cologna and Sherpa hung around the finish line for an extra 30 minutes after winning gold just to shake Carcelen’s hand. (Photo: Kirill Kudryavtsev/AFP/Getty Images)


Sochi Super G Champion-Anna Fenninger!!!

Hanyu’s reaction to winning gold! [x]

So far men’s figure skating is a straight up disaster

"You want to be the butter on the toast."

— This NBC commentator explaining the skeleton event

[After placing 12th in Torino] “And I was kind of a bit crying, trying to rip my hair off my head, and he’s like, ‘I just wanna tell you I’m so happy and so proud of you.’ I’m just, did you see what I’ve just done? In front of, like, millions of people? And he’s like, 'No, Alex, you were at the Olympics. You achieved your goal at the beginning of the year. You didn't think you were going to the Olympics. And here you are, today. '