Today four year old nanny kid told me that last night her eight year old brother called their mom a name and got sent to his room.

I asked what he called her and she said she couldn’t say. But then she said “but it starts with a… B.” and I said, “Whoa really??? That’s really bad” and she goes “Yeah. And it ends with…. S.” And I was like “It does?” She’s still working on letter sounds so I wasn’t sure if we were still thinking of the same word or she was just confused. She goes, “Can I whisper it to you so you can say if I’m right about s?” I told her it was okay

So she leans in

And whispers


I really keep thinking “winter must be almost over” and then realize it’s still only January. The weather started getting to me quick this year and it’s back to negative temperatures again today. Yuck. Ugh. Gross.

This song was really improving my snow driving experience.

It’s 7 degrees outside this morning so yes I would like to go on vacation now please

I’m at a Halloween fairy tea party and there’s one little boy here in a batman shirt and fairy wings I’M DYING AND I LOVE HIM I’M GONNA STEAL HIM.

Well I broke the seal on Christmas music, see you in January.

Also I bought two long compilation albums of Motown Christmas music cause that’s the only genre where my collection was lacking.

In a related note I remembered that I love Stevie Wonder.

I was exhausted yesterday so I decided I wouldn’t go to yoga this morning and sleep in. That was good cause I feel better now but I had the longest weirdest dream.

It was thanksgiving and my family were all dressed up in weird like German costumes? Like leiderhosen and… Girl leiderhosen? And then we all had to do choreographed dances around my grandma’s living room except my mom was mad that she didn’t get to because she was helping cook. I woke up confused and hungry because we never ate thanksgiving dinner.

Sitting in discount tire right next to two middle aged dudes discussing the ALCS and i wanna cut in so bad but it would be pointless. They’re idiots.

Sean posted a status about the Indians/Rays game on Facebook.

"I used a hashtag in it. I’ve never used a hashtag before. I made it up, am I allowed to do that?"


The girl I babysit and I have laughed ourselves silly over this video of setting the spider free.

I caught a giant fucking spider in my apartment.

my nose isn’t quite stuffed up but it isn’t quite right either. i can feel that it’s not all the way clear on the left side and like CAN WE NOT?

My brother wrote some stuff on mom’s fridge reminder board.

I’m at target and ran to the bathroom when I first got here. Door to women’s room faces door to men’s room. I walked out just as MY BROTHER was walking out of the men’s room. We did not come to target together. It was the most confusing 5 seconds I’ve ever had and then we both just started cracking the fuck up.