People on the move - 24 hours of us crossing the Atlantic:

What would Columbus or Jacques Cartier think?



Every airline flight in the world over 24 hours.

i could watch this forever


At the airport. So prepared for this flight right now.

Taken on the London Eye, June 2012

Taken from the London Eye, June 2012

My silly vacation video.

Yeah I’m cool. (Taken with Instagram)

At Notre Dame de Paris. (Taken with Instagram)

Magic is might. (Taken with Instagram)

Abbey Road Studios (Taken with Instagram)

Olympics advice on the tube. (Taken with Instagram)

Yeah so we got home yesterday.

London was amazing. Paris was fun, but London was better. My British cousins are the nicest, best people ever. They were so accommodating and helpful and fun.

Many instagrams to come.

Omg it’s this week.

Today: work til 5:45
Tomorrow: go to friend’s wedding
Sunday: attend little bro’s grad party, get on plane for England.

When the hell am I going to pack?

London sightseeing advice?

I’m visiting London in June. It’ll be the first time I’ve been there. Anyone have recommendations for the best things to see/do?